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Unit 2 Lab 3: Making Decisions, Page 2


FREEBoolean Functions. At the very lowest level, computer circuitry is made of wires, and each wire is either on or off. So the only operations that can be performed at that lowest level are those that operate on single-bit values (just ones and zeros, that is, just ons and offs). These are called logical (or Boolean) functions. (They're predicates, because their range is Booleans, but these … ... See Details

Unit 4 Lab 4: Data Representation and Compression, Page 1


FREEAs you probably know, information travels over wires inside the computer, and each wire is either on or off, with no intermediate states allowed. This small piece of information is called a bit, the smallest possible unit of information in the digital domain.. What does the value of a bit mean?By convention, the two states of a bit are interpreted as 0 and 1, but that doesn't mean they have … ... See Details

Unit 6 Lab 1: Computer Abstraction Hierarchy, Page 10


FREEThe on-or-off picture of a wire, a transistor, or a logic gate output is a simplification—an abstraction. This is a rough graph of the actual input-output behavior of a transistor. Don't worry about the details; just notice the two blue flat parts of the graph. ... See Details

Unit 6 Lab 1: Computer Abstraction Hierarchy, Page 6


FREEComputer designers can work as if circuits were either off (0) or on (1) because of the digital abstraction, the most important abstraction in hardware. Above that level of abstraction, there are four more detailed levels, called the digital domain. ... See Details

Unit 6 Lab 1: Computer Abstraction Hierarchy, Page 1


FREEAnalog Domain. Logic gates, which are the lowest abstraction level of the digital domain, operate on ones and zeros. In physical reality, those logic gates are built out of transistors, a type of circuit component.Transistors aren't like light switches that are either on or off. ... See Details

Unit 3 Lab 5 Teacher Guide - Education Development Center


FREEThe 3 lab pages could be split across 2–4 days ( 70–140 minutes ). Expected times to complete follow: 10–20 minutes (<1 class period) on Past and Future. 30–60 minutes (about 1 class period) on Working Conditions. 30–60 minutes (about 1 class period) on Working Remotely. Prepare. ... See Details

Unit 6 Lab 1: Computer Abstraction Hierarchy, Page 9


FREEA flip-flop is a circuit that has two stable states, on and off. An input signal can tell it to turn on, turn off, or change whatever it's state is. Once that happens, the flip-flop stays in the new state until it gets another signal. It has an output that reflects its state: on if … ... See Details

Unit 4 Lab 4: Data Representation and Compression, Page 2


FREEPrinted on paper as ones and zeros, the 16GB phone's memory would take nearly 40,000,000 pages. The information in storage—whether it is a text message, a photograph, a song, a computer program, or a list of phone numbers—all looks the same, like a sequence of bits that are either On or Off (one or zero), a binary sequence. ... See Details

Unit 1 Optional Projects, Page 3


FREENote that there is a built in block to bounce off the edges. Add scoring to your game. Every time the paddles bounces off the ball, the player should earn a point and every time the ball hits the right wall, the player should lose a point. You can create a variable to keep track of the score. ... See Details

Unit 4 Lab 1: Number Representation, Page 2


FREE2.1.2C In many programming languages, the fixed number of bits used to represent real numbers (as floating point numbers) limits the range of floating point values and mathematical operations; this limitation can result in round off errors. 2.1.2D The interpretation of a binary sequence depends on how it is used. ... See Details

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