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THE CHIEF'S CHIEF | Kirkus Reviews


FREEDec 07, 2021 · THE CHIEF'S CHIEF. by Mark Meadows ‧ RELEASE DATE: Dec. 7, 2021. Donald Trump’s former chief of staff serves up servile homage to a man he’s sure will make a comeback bid in 2024. No president could ask for a more fawning yes man than Meadows. Trump is a genius, a savior, the author avers in this cliché-stuffed, formulaic celebration. ... See Details

BETTER OFF DEAD | Kirkus Reviews


FREEOct 26, 2021 · Killing off your protagonist nearly from the get-go is a hell of an attention-getter, even if the reader knows it can’t be true. Ex–military cop Reacher watches Michaela Fenton kill two men as she searches for her twin brother, Michael, and of … ... See Details

OUR KIND OF PEOPLE | Kirkus Reviews


FREEJan 11, 2022 · That is just one of the conundrums sure to provoke years of discussion and theorizing. Another: Given the punch in the gut of utter despair one feels when all the most cherished elements of 19th- and 20th-century lives are unceremoniously swept off the stage when you turn the page to the 21st—why is the book not called To Hell? ... See Details

10 Anticipated YA Books To Look for in 2022 | Kirkus …


FREEJan 06, 2022 · When Stance is married off to a cruel, older man, she heads off to battle dressed as a boy and forges a new life path. Once thought to be unattainable, the quest to run a four-minute mile is a story full of drama. Neal Bascomb does it justice in The Race of the Century: The Battle To Break the Four-Minute Mile (Scholastic Focus, March 1). ... See Details

Best of 2021: Our Favorite Adaptations | Kirkus Reviews


FREEDec 24, 2021 · The initial episodes use the events of the Asimov’s 1951 series starter, Foundation, as a jumping-off point: In a far-future society, professor Hari Seldon (ably played by Mad Men’s Jared Harris) has pioneered a science called psychohistory, which uses mathematics to broadly predict future events. He asserts that the current galactic empire ... ... See Details

THE AGE OF AI | Kirkus Reviews


FREENov 02, 2021 · The book then spins off into an area Kissinger knows best: how AI might be put to work in the realm of national and international security, developing systems that may keep us all safe—or, alternately, that “will be so responsive that adversaries may attempt to attack before the systems are operational.” All this begs the need for ... ... See Details

Best of 2021: Our Favorite Middle-Grade Books | Kirkus …


FREEDec 05, 2021 · The following titles—representing different genres, subjects, and formats and aimed at readers across the entire middle-grade developmental spectrum—are ideal jumping-off points for celebrating a year of exceptional publishing for young readers. You’ll find our complete list of 100 Best Middle-Grade Books of 2021 here. ... See Details

THE JUDGE'S LIST | Kirkus Reviews


FREEOct 19, 2021 · The murderer: a circuit judge sitting in Pensacola, biding his time until he can cross off the next victim on a deeply personal to-be-avenged list. Judge Bannick has more money than God and more technological goodies than Lex Luthor, but though a psycho, he puts on a good public face. Lacy is resistant at first, given that her normal brief is ... ... See Details



FREESep 07, 2021 · The family lived off trash-picking and working in sweatshops and frigid sushi processing plants, even though both parents had been professors in China. As a child, Wang snipped threads and shivered in a huge plastic bodysuit right alongside them. She taught herself English in a public school that sent her to a special needs classroom and forgot ... ... See Details



FREEAug 24, 2021 · The device Grossman uses to tell the story—Gili is a documentary filmmaker recording conversations about the past—isn’t an entirely necessary one. In fact, all the asides about turning cameras on or off, zooming in or out, distract from the more important—and more interesting—details. ... See Details

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