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FREEAs the first digital music corporation to enter the field of education in China, Kuke Music relies on its own resources, market opportunities, and broad market prospects. Kuke smart music education provides one-stop solutions for its customers. ... See Details


Link: https://hi-resmusic.sonyselect.kuke.com/page/album.html?id=15

FREE评论 ( 235) 《HIStory: Past, Present and Future》是流行音乐之王迈克尔•杰克逊的第九张录音室专辑,也是他在自己的唱片公司MJJ Production旗下制作的第一张专辑。. 专辑于1995年6月16日发行。. 共两辑,第一辑为以往专辑中的超级金曲,第二辑为新曲。. 《HIStory: Past ... ... See Details

Dangerous - 索尼精选 - KUKE

Link: https://hi-resmusic.sonyselect.kuke.com/page/album.html?id=5669

FREEMar 25, 2020 · 158.00 0.00. 《Dangerous》是流行音乐之王迈克尔·杰克逊发行的第八张正式专辑。. 此专辑制作堪称音乐界顶级水准,巩固了流行之王不可撼动的地位。. 这张专辑产生了7首畅销单曲,包括"Black Or White"(黑与白)、"Remember The Time"(铭记那一刻)等,整张专辑词 … ... See Details

索尼精选 - DSD音源专区 - 索尼精选

Link: https://hi-resmusic.sonyselect.kuke.com/page/areaAndAlbums.html?orderby=initial_la&areaid=190

FREECan't Take My Eyes Off You (2.8MHz DSD) Nicki Parrott. ¥158.00. Cantabile (5.6MHz DSD) 森下幸司,Karl-Andreas Kolly. ¥198.00. Cats on the Fence (11.2MHz DSD) Kota Sawaguchi Trio. ¥238.00. Christoph Graupner:为Chalumeaux而作的协奏曲、序曲和奏鸣曲(2.8MHz DSD) ... See Details

半个月亮爬上来 (The Half Moon Came Up In The Sky) - 索尼精选

Link: https://hi-resmusic.sonyselect.kuke.com/page/album.html?id=10684

FREEJan 21, 2022 · 2009年,Frankmusik被BBC评为Sound of 2009,并发行了他的出道专辑《Complete Me》(获英国榜13位)和两首大热单曲,《Confusion Gir》和《Better Off As Two》,分获英国榜26和27位。 ... See Details

Off the Wall - 索尼精选

Link: https://hi-resmusic.sonyselect.kuke.com/page/album.html?id=4

FREE简介. 评论 ( 0) 《Off the Wall》是流行音乐之王迈克尔•杰克逊的第五张录音室专辑,拯救了当时低迷的美国乐坛,被誉为迪斯科经典之作。. 1979年后的美国流行乐坛被公认为Michael Jackson的年代,专辑《Off The Wall》在Epic旗下发行,首支冠军单曲《Don't Stop 'Til You Get ... ... See Details

赤色风暴: 历史混音辑 (BLOOD ON THE DANCE FLOOR/ HIStory In …)

Link: https://hi-resmusic.sonyselect.kuke.com/page/album.html?id=5666

FREEMar 25, 2020 · 丰富的高解析度音乐,专辑下载,涵盖古典,流行,爵士等不同风格. Sony Select provides high resolution music and album download, … ... See Details

Can't Take My Eyes Off You - 索尼精选

Link: https://hi-resmusic.sonyselect.kuke.com/page/album.html?id=3181

FREE虽然已经在许多音乐家的专辑中负责贝斯演出,但由她自己掛名的个人专辑却直到2007年才在Venus发行。在这之后就是一连串的成功:这张2011年发行的「Can't Take My Eyes Off You」已经是她在Venus的第六张个人专辑! 本专辑锁定的是六〇年代以后的经典情歌。 ... See Details

A Peek at the Past: Strings

Link: https://kml.kuke.com/mtio/assets/pages/violinh.asp

FREEBy 1600 violins and their bigger relations were really taking off, and these older instruments weren’t so fashionable anymore. But the violin family did carry on the tradition of the lira’s elegant shape, with its narrow waist (which lets the bow move freely). ... See Details

A Peek at the Past: Keyboards

Link: http://kml.kuke.com/mtio/assets/pages/keybh.asp

FREEIt had seen off the clavichord, but in the 18th century another intruder appeared on the scene: the piano. The early piano looked like a harpsichord. But it worked in a different way and it could play loudly or softly. The harpsichord was in trouble! There were some attempts to make the harpsichord better: ... See Details

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