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Site Description : Welcome To LHHunting.com of Idaho. I'm Larry Hatter, outdoor writer with over 20 years of guiding experience for reputable Idaho Guided Hunting Adventures.

OF MOOSE AND MEN - LHHunting.com

Link: http://lhhunting.com/of-moose-and-men/

FREEFeb 01, 2013 · After hacking off the limbs and sliding it across the stream, it was time to see if our logic was sound. I gingerly took a step and braced myself by grabbing a willow, then repeated the act, then again until I leapt to the opposite bank in triumph Ben followed shortly thereafter. It was decided that such a monumental accomplishment deserved a ... ... See Details

Idaho Color Phase Black Bear Hunts - LHHunting.com

Link: http://lhhunting.com/idaho-color-phase-black-bear-hunts/

FREEFirst off, our black bear numbers are through the roof, especially in this region! Seasons have been lengthened in recent years to increase bear harvest, but we just keep producing more and more bears. There are several theories as to why the black bear hunting is so good in this area of Idaho, but the only thing everyone knows for certain is ... ... See Details

Idaho Mountain Lion Hunting - LHHunting.com

Link: http://lhhunting.com/mountain-lion-hunting-idaho/

FREEWhen that time comes, you can cross it off the Bucket List – Hunt Monster Mountain Lion in Idaho. A good option to inquire about is the availability of a bobcat if the seasons coincide. We have plenty of these spotted cats running around and hounds that can handle them. A bobcat hunt can be an excellent addition to your cougar hunt. ... See Details

Hunt Wolves in Idaho - LHHunting.com

Link: http://lhhunting.com/hunt-wolves-in-idaho/

FREEWhen we’ve worked out tail off and finally the moment of truth is at hand you are going to want to be able to make that wolf killing shot regardless of distance. You need to become proficient with that little rifle out to three hundred yards if you want to … ... See Details

Blonde Bear Taken, Season Underway In Idaho - LHHunting.com

Link: http://lhhunting.com/blonde-bear-taken-season-underway-in-idaho/

FREEMay 18, 2019 · Bear season got off to a great start here in Idaho last week. This lucky hunter took a beautiful blonde color phase bear on the first night of … ... See Details

Secrets of a Camp Fire - LHHunting.com

Link: http://lhhunting.com/alaska-wilderness-hunting-article/

FREEAug 11, 2015 · After snapping off enough for my satisfaction, I walked back to the lifeless fire which had last heated my shivering self around lunch time. I put the stack of tinder aside and grabbed a serviceable branch from my wood pile in hopes of discovering a few hot coals still remaining from this afternoon. ... See Details

Idaho Mule Deer Hunt Continued…. Part 2 - LHHunting.com

Link: http://lhhunting.com/idaho-mule-deer-hunt-continued/

FREEAug 09, 2015 · Miles and I briefly discussed our options. With the prevailing wind squarely in our faces and reasonable cover between us and our quarry, it was an easy decision to make a play on this buck. We left the nonessentials on the rock, bringing only one pair of binoculars and my tried and true rolling block … Idaho Mule Deer Hunt Continued…. Part 2 Read More » ... See Details

How Winter Effects Deer, Elk, Moose, etc. - LHHunting.com

Link: http://lhhunting.com/how-winter-affects-deer-elk-moose-etc/

FREEFeb 15, 2012 · How does winter affect our big game populations? As I look out the window a few snow flakes are falling in, what I can only describe as, one of the most mild winters I can remember. It got me to thinking how the game should fare well and gives me good hope for the hunting … How Winter Effects Deer, Elk, Moose, etc. Read More » ... See Details

Black Bear Shot Placement - LHHunting.com

Link: http://lhhunting.com/black-bear-shot-placement/

FREEApr 01, 2017 · Black bear shot placement is a subject that doesn’t receive enough attention in my opinion. When it comes to bears, it’s not just as simple as put the crosshair behind the shoulder and pull the trigger. Bears are notoriously tough and will take the lead a considerable distance 9 times out of 10. For this … Black Bear Shot Placement Read More » ... See Details

How To Field Judge Trophy Black Bears - LHHunting.com

Link: http://lhhunting.com/how-to-field-judge-trophy-black-bears/

FREEFeb 27, 2017 · With the spring black bear hunt quickly approaching in Idaho, it seems like a good time to briefly discuss field judging techniques. I’m sure there are a lot of different opinions out there, but my most reliable cues to a bear’s size all revolve around one trait, large head equals small bear, small head equals … How To Field Judge Trophy Black Bears Read More » ... See Details

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