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Topamax Support — LiveJournal


FREEJun 08, 2013 · I have been off work for a number of months with cluster migraines being one of the culprits. My neurologist chose to change my medication regimen the first of August to discontinue all prescriptions targeting migraine control and start only Topamax. The first week was to start at 25mg and continue to titrate at 25mg dosages until I reached ... ... See Details

Disciplinarian of misbehaving adult females — LiveJournal


FREEJul 09, 2006 · Scolding, which will start your lesson off, but will be constant throughout the many stages of your spanking, Young Lady. After having placed a st. backed chair in the middle of the room, and placing the many implements of discipline in your view, Young Lady, I will tip your chin up so that your eyes will be looking directly into my stern ... ... See Details

BLScanlations — LiveJournal


FREEMuito bem! Este mês de junho temos os mangás Yaoi/BL Banana Fish nº 06 e Given nº 05 e também o lançamento do manhwa On or Off nº 01 à venda no site da Amazon ou nos sites da Panini Editora e Editora NewPop! FAÇAM A FESTA, AMORECXS!!!! BEIJOKAS E EU TAMBÉM ESTAVA MORRENDO DE SAUDADES!! ILLY-CHAN .. ... See Details

what AREN'T you wearing under there? — LiveJournal


FREEJan 16, 2011 · I love going without panties in public, especially in a skirt. If you wanna flash someone quick, or if they sneak a peek up my skirt, I love that they can see my little pussy. My favorite is to sit on a park bench with my legs open and see people walk back and forth, and back and forth, taking peeks between my legs. 8. ... See Details

Genuine Photos of Nanking and Forged Photos of the


FREEJun 30, 2012 · Genuine Photos of Nanking Just After the Japanese Occupation After the battle, many Nanking citizens, who had abhorred bad deeds done by the Chinese military in the city, welcomed the Japanese military. This is a photo of Japanese soldiers and the Nanking citizens giving cheers, on the day of… ... See Details

Oh no! I wet my panties! — LiveJournal


FREEFeb 20, 2006 · I just made Daddy's thing spit. He pulls me back up in his lap, and whispers in my ear again. He lifts up my wet dress and starts to rub my wet panties. He tells me how bad I am and I start to get really hot. Then I explode and start to calm down. Daddy tells me he loves me and I get off his lap to go change. ... See Details

Full chastity and belt update: jenny484 — LiveJournal


FREESo tonight I'm off work but a friend is coming over later. She's had a bad couple of weeks and just needs a night of tlaking and drinking. I know its tuesday but i can drink on any day that ends in day hehe. So i got a feeling she will be crashing here tonight. Luckily my bedroom has a … ... See Details

Dreamie Creamiepie Land — LiveJournal


FREEJul 28, 2008 · Jon answered the door with a familiar smile, and welcomed her inside. As usual, the house was cool and the place was tidy. She put her purse on the coffee table and looked around, a little confused. The tv was off, and the house was quiet. ... See Details

The Astrology of BDSM - Signs of Dominance and …


FREEThe Astrology of BDSM - Signs of Dominance and Submission. Aries is a naturally dominant sign, in many ways. The aries tends to be. hard-headed and spirited, and is dissatisfied when things are not done his way. He will hold his slave to high personal standards, and will demand things be done to his liking above all else. ... See Details

My first time!: giving_head — LiveJournal


FREEAfter this, I got up off my hands and knees and sat on the edge of the bed instead. Married Guy came around in front of me, and I started sucking his dick again. Even though it was longer than Tall Guy's, I really didn't have trouble getting it pretty far in my mouth (though if I took it all the way in I started to gag a little.) ... See Details

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