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Console Reference - LiveJournal


FREEConsole Reference. Grammar. Think of this like a DOS or bash prompt. The first word is a command. Every word after that is an argument to that command. Every command has a different number of required and optional parameters. White space delimits arguments. If you need a space in an argument, put double quotes around the whole thing. ... See Details

Bird Control to Keep Birds Off Your Parked Car/SUV/Boat


FREEThe two most popular bird control measures include: Sonic Bird Deterrents. While they may not have raebbit ears, birds have very acute hearing. They’re always on the alert for a fellow bird in distress or the threatening shriek of an approaching predator. Sonic Bird Deterrents deliver the message, broadcasting recorded distress and predator ... ... See Details

what AREN'T you wearing under there? — LiveJournal


FREEFeb 11, 2008 · I love going without panties in public, especially in a skirt. If you wanna flash someone quick, or if they sneak a peek up my skirt, I love that they can see my little pussy. My favorite is to sit on a park bench with my legs open and see people walk back and forth, and back and forth, taking peeks between my legs. 8. ... See Details

Oh no! I wet my panties! — LiveJournal


FREEFeb 20, 2006 · I smile. I just made Daddy's thing spit. He pulls me back up in his lap, and whispers in my ear again. He lifts up my wet dress and starts to rub my wet panties. He tells me how bad I am and I start to get really hot. Then I explode and start to calm down. Daddy tells me he loves me and I get off his lap to go change. ... See Details

Daniel Franzese Accuses Bijou Phillips of Body Shaming, …


FREEHe describes the experience as “the most stressful experience of my life on or off set” that resulted in “a PTSD that had me stay closeted for a long time.” FYI she is now a scientologist and is married to Danny Masterson, who has been accused of rape by four separate women. ... See Details



FREEDoctor Paul parked out front, sitting in his car. I saw him through the window. I sat down on the bed and not too much longer afterward, a few minutes maybe, then a knock on the door. Dressed in ordinary clothes, no cowboy hat, no boots - nothing. Mr. Garth brooks came through the … ... See Details

Ловлю Рыбу — LiveJournal


FREEDec 02, 2020 · 190_cm_off - the new blog in LiveJournal. There should be new interesting records soon. ... See Details

Full chastity and belt update: jenny484 — LiveJournal


FREEIt also serves to force whoever wears them into skirts and dress and to take shorter steps, which in reality is a good things, since shorter steps are more womenly and better with heels. The cuffs get padlocked on each thigh about halfway down to the knee. There is a chain running from each cuff up to the belt. ... See Details

My first time!: giving_head — LiveJournal


FREEMarried Guy went down and licked my balls for a little while while Tall Guy sucked my dick again. After a little bit of this, Married Guy got up and walked over behind me, dangling his dick over my face. It was longer than Tall Guy's but not as thick, and it wasn't circumcised. I kind of grabbed it and stroked it a little, then licked at it and ... ... See Details

How to DO meth. (So you don't get confused in all my other …)


FREEI am not going to tell you how to shoot up or anything with needles and injecting shit...Because that shit is just BAD. I am going to tell you how to do Meth so you will not get confused in any of my journal entries when I am talking about doing meth. … ... See Details

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