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Leave Time | City of Mesa


FREEIn lieu of the discretionary time off benefit for sworn Fire Department employees-- and to minimize staffing overtime costs-- a Deferred Compensation contribution of $50.00 for unit members and $43.20 for non-unit members per pay period. Sworn Fire Department employees must also be enrolled in Deferred Compensation (this is a link to doc of ... ... See Details

Code Compliance | City of Mesa


FREEWhen a complaint is received a Code Officer will complete an initial inspection of the property in question within 3 business days. Please keep in mind the is contingent on the Code Officer’s scheduled days off or holiday. At the time of the initial inspection (visit to the property) the Code Officer will determine if the property is in ... ... See Details

Blue Barrel Recycling Program | City of Mesa


FREELids and labels do not need to be removed. Barrels should be placed in the gutter by 6 a.m. on designated collection day and removed no later than 6 a.m. the following day. Barrel Collection Schedule Map (PDF) In-home recycling containers are available to City of Mesa residential solid waste customers at no additional charge. ... See Details

Vacation | City of Mesa


FREEAn employee who is on unpaid time off status (dock status) shall not be paid for a holiday unless the employee works a shift or submits paid time off on the employee's scheduled work day either the day before or the day after the holiday. ... See Details

Special Event Information Sheet - Mesa, AZ


FREESpecial Event Information Sheet General Information A Special Event is a temporary use in all zoning districts which: 1. Is intended for purposes of entertainment, education, commercial promotion, or cultural, religious, ethnic, or political ... See Details



FREE• If the employee selected for the random is off duty due to an illness, scheduled day off, regular day off, etc., the employee shall be called for testing anytime during the random draw period, but before the next random draw date. If an employee is anticipated to be off for an extended period of time not to return before the next ... See Details

City of Mesa Household Hazardous Material Facility


FREE480-644-6789 to initiate bulk item collection or roll-off rental; or dispose at landfill. Garden Hoses : Use black barrel or landfill. To avoid tangling hazards, cut the hose into smaller pieces before disposal. Gas-powered Lawnmowers & Equipment : Sell, donate, or reuse if possible. Otherwise, drain all fluids, and recycle scrap metal at a ... See Details

10. Parks Open Space


FREEA continuous system of landscaped on‐street sidewalks, and off‐street trails and paseos will provide interconnectivity throughout the community and will extend and enrich the community‐wide parks and open space system. A comprehensive on‐street sidewalk system is planned along all community streets. ... See Details

Section 14 Parking and Loading Standards


FREEParking spaces may be provided off-street or as on-street adjacent to the uses. The use of any property is conditional upon the continuance and availability of the parking as required by this section. Individual uses, projects or buildings less than 10,000 square feet in size shall be allowed to enter into an agreement with the ... See Details

Chapter 13. On Site Parking, Loading, and Circulation


FREEon the site, off‐street parking to serve the new dwelling units must be provided according to the provisions of this Chapter. 3. Off‐street Parking and Loading When Required. Off‐street parking and loading facilities required by this Chapter shall be constructed or ... See Details

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